“Perfect” – Ed Sheeran EASY Guitar Tutorial [Chords/Strumming/Picking/Cover]



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01:54 how to play chords
03:13 strum pattern 1
04:27 strum pattern 2
07:41 pick pattern 1
10:58 pick pattern 2
14:00 pick pattern 3
18:27 pick pattern 4
23:25 chord progressions



standard tuning, capo on 1st

chords needed: G, Em7, Cadd9, D

strum pattern 1: one d for each chord change
strum pattern 2: d d udu (x1 for chorus/x2 for verses)
pick pattern 1: (bottom)321 (x12 for each chord)
pick pattern 2: (bottom) (321) (321) (x2 for each chord)
pick pattern 3: (bottom) 3 2 1 2 3 (x2 for each chord)
pick pattern 4: (bottom) 3 (21) (x1 for each chord)

chord progressions:

[intro] – strum pattern 1


[verse 1] – pick pattern 1

G Em7 Cadd9 D (x2)

[pre-chorus 1] – pick pattern 3

G Em7 Cadd9 G D
G Em7 Cadd9 D

[chorus 1] – pick pattern 2

Em7 Cadd9 G D (x4)

[transition] – pick pattern 4

G G- G0 Cadd9 D

[verse 2] – pick pattern 1

G Em7 Cadd9 D (x2)

[pre-chorus 2] – pick pattern 3

G Em7 Cadd9 G D
G Em7 Cadd9 D

[chorus 2] – pick pattern 2

Em7 Cadd9 G D (x4)

[instrumental] – strum pattern 2

G Em7 Cadd9 D

[chorus 3] – strum pattern 2

Em7 Cadd9 G D (x4)

[outro] – pick pattern 3/4

Cadd9 D
G G- G0 Cadd9 D


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thanks so much for watching! 🙂

this song is so sweet, i fell in love with it the first time i heard it! plus the guitar part is so melodic and beautiful, i just had to make a tutorial for you guys! it may take a little practice to get some of those picking patterns down, but it’s so fun to play once you do!

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