Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar Course – Free lesson on 5 chords, add9 chords and more

This lesson includes:

– Using 5 chords
– Using add9 chords
– Playing in B without a capo
– Playing in B with a detuned E
– Tim Hughes on using the spoken word in worship
– Tre Sheppard from Onehundredhours on advice for worship leaders
– David Ruis on whether or not it is important to be a great vocalist
– Noel Richards on eyes open or closed during worship

Moving on a stage further with chords this section digs into some more unusual chords to add style and delicacy to your chord vocabulary. So we explore shapes for ‘5’ chords and add9 chords for adding strength or beauty to the sounds, we look at playing open chords in B without using barre chords or a capo! And even look at playing in B with a detuned top E for all sorts of new sounds! There’s a section on using a high strung guitar in worship and more worship leading tips from Tim Hughes, David Ruis, Tre Shepherd and Noel Richards.

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