Oh Pretty Woman Guitar Lesson – Roy Orbison

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We are coming at you today from 1964 with a lesson on how to play the legendary “Oh Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison.

Besides being a huge international hit “Oh Pretty Woman” contains some of the most recognizable guitar work of the early 60’s.

In this Oh Pretty Woman guitar lesson you will learn how to play all of those catchy riffs and chord progressions step-by-step.

“Oh Pretty Woman” starts with a catchy single note riff that produces sort of a revolving effect. It is also a nice exercise on crossing strings. Bet you didn’t know that!

Speaking about chords, most of them are pretty basic through the song. We do have a few barre chords to contend with though, especially in the bridge section, but nothing that requires a big stretch or anything like that.

In fact, if you have trouble playing barre chords I highly suggest learning the bridge section like I teach it in the video. These barre chords are working their way up the fretboard and as they do you will notice that they become easier and easier to play do to how the string tension lessens as you move to the middle of the fretboard. Plus there isn’t any strum pattern to play in the bridge, so you can really concentrate on the fret-hand. 🙂

So I hope you not only enjoy learning this great Roy Orbison classic, but that it will also help your playing out a little bit as well! Carl..

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