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Now that you know how to play a lot of chords, put them together with some strumming. Our expert shows you how to play the popular Strum Pattern #1 in this video tutorial.

So we learned a bunch of chords, and now lets try to put them together with some strumming.

So one of the first strums that I ever learned, and you can use it for many, many types of music, sound like this. I’m going down, down, up, up, down. Right? Let’s try that again. Down, down, up, up, down. Right? So all I’m doing .. I’m muting the strings here, so that.. You can‚ can’t hear anything‚ How about, we try that with G? We’re gonna, down, down, up, up, down. Right? Okay? How about, we try that with D? Down, down, up, up, down. Okay? Now, lets try do two of those strums in a row. Right? So we gonna go.. how about we use… E minor? Right? So we gonna go… Down, down, up, up, down. Down, down, up, up, down. Right? So, thats how it would continue. Right? Now! We gonna do something really hard. We gonna try and put it all together. Right? So what does that mean? I’m gonna do that full strum on G. And how about we try E minor next? Then C, and than D. A lot of songs goes like this… so it’s a nice little pattern. G, E minor, C and D. ‚ Right? Now, without any time‚ Right? I wanna try quickly get to the E minor and keep up strumming. Now the hard one. Right? We gonna try to get to C as quick as we can. And then keep up strumming. Same thing for D. Now the hard part is‚ We gonna try to do that without stopping. So this is what it should sound. G, E minor, C, D. There you go. Your first strum!

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