Best cheap guitar Takamine G240 acoustic guitar review

I’ve had this Takamine G240 acoustic guitar for over 20 years but it rarely got played until now. In this review and demo you will see what an amazing guitar it turned out to be.
I practiced a bit of classical spanish style flamenco.
Malaquena is a good guitar exercise for beginners 6:50

This guitar model only had a short run in production and is becoming quite rare and you can still pick them up cheap. Possible the best cheap guitar in the world.

Online reviews from people who know about guitars:

“This is an instrument for the serious student or hobbyist or for the electric guitarist who wishes to play some acoustic as well”

“For its price, the Takamine G240 Acoustic Guitar could easily be the best dreadnought in the world. Only Takamine could make a budget guitar that sounds this good. Genuine rosewood fretboard with spruce top. Nato back and sides.”

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Takamine Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Thomann also have the current version of this guitar.
Affiliate links…takamine_gd10_n_2.htm

I haven’t tried the new version but if you can get this older model you will not be disappointed. It’s brilliant.

Check out the Takamine guitar workshop in Japan.

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