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Today on episode 39 of the play guitar podcast I take the first step with you toward playing advanced guitar chords. We’ll leave open and bar chords in the dust and start playing something special.

So now we are going to go through the gateway to more sophisticated chords. How do you do it? How do you move from blocked out bar chords to these more sophisticated sounding chords?

How do you take the guitar theory that you have learned, and use it to your advantage.
How can you create new chord voicings on the guitar yourself, rather than endlessly memorizing a never ending series of chord shapes.

It’s going to take a new way of thinking. We are going to approach chords in a different way. A way by building the chords ourselves, instead of just memorizing chord shapes on the trust that whoever put them up on the internet did it correctly.

Let’s take the knowledge that we already have and really put it into practice.

Learn how to be the guitarist that you always wanted to be!

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