Beginner Guitar Chords- The 4 MOST Important Chords You Must Know

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In this beginner guitar lesson, we teach the 4 most important beginner guitar chords you must know. 90% of popular music (rock, pop, country etc) uses only four chords. These are those 4 chords. These are crucial for the beginner guitar player to know.
With these four guitar chords you will be able to play many of your favorite songs on guitar.
The four chords we learn here are
E minor (with bonus Emin7), G Major, C add9 (C Major), and D Major.

Emin – 1:30
Emin7 – 3:30
Gmaj – 5:50
Cadd9 – 9:14
Dmaj – 11:44
Playing with a capo – 15:45

We provide tips on how to change chords smoothly and quickly, and
we also cover how to use a guitar capo to change the key of these chords so that you can play along to your favorite songs.

Make sure you check out our other videos to learn more about these guitar chords and other chords for beginners. You can also learn about popular strumming patterns to use for these chords.


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