Advanced Extended Chords | Ultimate Sweep Picking Guitar Course With Rex Pearson

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Lesson description:

Ok now we are really cooking with an advanced sweep picking riff. Those who put in the time, the practice and the patients needed to develop a solid muscle memory will leave those students in the dust during this lesson as you now are going to be introducing position changes into your sweep picking riffs and this is where things can fall apart.

In these sweep picking riffs were looking at more extended chord shapes rather than your basic major and minor and if you have a bit of theory under your belt you can apply this to any chord or chord shape you might like to do.

The left hand will be difficult to shift, try to think of it as 2 chord shapes melded together with the slide of your finger. its the slide that may introduce difficulties and its here where you should spend most of your time. Try to work on just a small part of the arpeggio and work on smoothness and accuracy in the picking hand

The right hand will feel a little unnatural as you will be making a small break in the picking motion, carefully look at the tab for your down/up strokes and make sure you follow them exactly. Give it time and patience and you will be rewarded with this smooth flowing and slightly exotic sounding sweep picking lick!

SOoooo where do we go from here? Well i came up with a bit of a magic theory/technical nugget that i would like to share, but you will have to check out the next lesson in the series to find out what this is about!

Anyone can take a lesson no matter what ability you are can jump into this guitar course, just select from the list. This video contains a mini guitar course within it so you can click your level or you can jump right in here.

1. Pre-Sweeping – If you have no experience at all in sweep picking |
2. Beginner Lesson – Get to grips with 3 string arpeggio sweeps |
3. Intermediate 5 string lesson – Build out that chord progression into 5 string shapes |
4. Advanced Lesson – Extended chord shapes and position shifting. |
5. Exploration | With Sweep picking technique down, here is one trick to really develop thing:
6. 8 Common sweep picking mistakes | A bonus lesson, make sure you not doing any of these! |

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