Orange Crush CR120H Guitar Amplifier Head Review

Dagan reviews the awesome Orange Crush CR120H Amplifier head – one hell of a solid state amplifier.

Check out the Orange Crush CR120H over at PMT Online:

Available in Black:

Based around the preamp section of the coveted Orange Rockerverb amplifiers, the Orange Crush Pro CR120H guitar amplifier head. This twin channel, solid state amplifier head is capable of a wide range of tones, from crystalline glass-like cleans to scuzzy, thick distortion.

You have 120 watts of power at your disposal as well as two channels that provide two stages of gain. On top of that, you have a selection of studio quality digital reverb to sculpt your perfect sound with.

As far as amplifier heads go, the Orange Crush Pro CR120H is a fantastic option for professional musicians in need of a high powered amplifier capable of blasting out powerful riffage on the worlds stages and studios.


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