Learn how to play the guitar for FREE (free online guitar lessons)

How to learn how to play the guitar for free using the GCH Guitar Academy, free online guitar lessons.

This is a follow up to the 100K free guitar lessons offer, however by following the advice given in this video you will find learning to play the guitar for free using the ebooks4guitar far more rewarding even if you missed that offer. Once you understand that the guitar lessons are laid out as if you were having private guitar tuition it makes a lot more sense. So you should go through a guitar lesson and then spend some time practicing it until you can play it to the best of your ability and then you can move on to the next lesson. Because the guitar course is highly structured you shouldn’t jump about doing just the lessons you want or feel like because you will never get used to the progressive nature of the course that allows you to improve week by week.

In the explanation of how to learn how to play the guitar free online I am using Year one for beginners as an example, however intermediate guitarists can find intermediate guitar lessons in Year two. All the free guitar lessons featured are suitable to learn how to play acoustic guitar for beginners and how to play electric guitar for beginners.

If you want to follow one of my short courses or the full guitar course you can start by visiting the GCH Guitar Academy YouTube channel and then looking through the play lists at the courses available there. Otherwise you can visit;

All the courses are free to view online and the only time you might need to spend some money is if you want to download the PDFs to your computer or mobile device to view and printout at your own will.

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