12 Essential Jazz Guitar Chords – Beginner Jazz Guitar Lesson | Toolbox 2.1

Jazz Blues
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0:09 Intro
(Sixth String Root)
1:08 Major 7
1:23 Dominant 7
1:37 6
1:56 Minor 7
2:34 Minor 7 flat 5
3:00 Diminished 7
(Fifth String Root)
3:48 Major 7
4:08 Dominant 7
4:22 6
4:45 Minor 7
4:57 Minor 7 flat 5
5:16 Diminished 7
5:48 Practice Tips

Welcome back to Jazz Guitar Toolbox, the series where we cover the absolute essential skills that every jazz guitarist should know. Today we’re covering what many jazz guitarists are known for: chords! There are thousands of jazz guitar chords – where do you start?

The answer is that you should learn the voicings that will allow you to play jazz standards as soon as possible. With that in mind, here are the twelve chord voicings that will get you set up to play many of your favourite tunes! Learn 2 voicings each for major 7, dominant 7, 6, minor 7, minor 7 flat 5, and diminished 7 chords.


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