Yamaha SLG200S silent guitar. Unboxing, review and tests (SLG200)

Unboxing, review and tests of the Yamaha SLG200S silent guitar which is the steel strung guitar that is part of the SLG200 family of guitars where the SLG200N is the nylon strung version of this guitar.

In this video I open the box it came in and assemble the guitar and inspect the Yamaha SLG200S in detail and take a good look at it’s features. I then try short recordings using various effects and pickup settings so you can judge the sounds produced by the Yamaha SLG200.

This guitar was polarizing when it first came onto the market because people either loved the way it looked or they hated the unusual design of this guitar. Personally I think it looks great and after a little adjustment time if feels great to play. Even though Yamaha don’t market it as a travel guitar I would say that, that is what it is and the fact that it’s quite lite and can be folded to more or less half it’s width makes it a great travel guitar.

I loved this guitar and would recommend it to anyone and I thinking of purchasing the Yamaha SLG200N which is it’s nylon strung brother, so I can review and test that one as well. I am interested to know if it is as good as the steel strung guitar.

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