Learn this EASY 2 chord guitar song with the famous “rock n roll” riff

Free “Tulsa Time” chord sheet to match this video here https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/eric-clapton/tulsa-time-chords-322464
In this lesson, we’re looking at the 2 chord song “Tulsa Time” along with the classic blues riff. This is an often covered song, originally by Don Williams and covered by Eric Clapton in the 80s.

In the tutorial, we’ll go well beyond that and focus on getting you jamming along to this song in multiple keys based on the different versions, which can be found further down this page – be sure to jam along to those after watching the tutorial video!

*****Versions to jam along to!*****
1 “Tulsa Time” – Eric Clapton LIVE
This version is in the key of A with the chords A5 and E5 – NO CAPO NEEDED!

2 “Tulsa Time” – Eric Clapton album version
This version is in the key of G with the chords G5 and D5 – Capo 10th fret for this version

3 “Tulsa Time” – another Clapton LIVE version
This version is in the key of C with the chords C5 and G5 – Capo 3rd fret for this version

4 “Tulsa Time” – Don Williams version
This version is in the key of E with the chords E5 and B5 – Capo 7th fret for this version

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