FUN G Chord Strength Exercise [beginner guitar lesson]

This G chord strength exercise will help you learn the G chord and play it better!
If you’re tired of buzzy chords or weak fingers, you NEED to check out this FUN exercise!

Playing the G chord can be difficult, which is why I created this super fun G chord strength exercise. It combines a couple different chords but utilizes the same G chord shape. If you’re ready to have fun while building your finger strength, this G chord exercise is for you.

In my other videos, I talked about how to make a G chord. But in this video, we’re going to be perfecting YOUR G chord. This exercise may seem difficult at first, but if you stick with it and practice playing the G chord shape with this exercise, you’ll see improvements.

The G chord is an essential beginner chord, which is why I made an exercise to help you learn the G chord. Without a strong foundation in the G chord, you may have some issues playing THOUSANDS of songs that use the G chord!

This is one part of a “30 days to play guitar” lesson series. Get tabs & 30-day checklist:

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