The 10 Levels Of 12-Bar Blues (Guitar Lesson)

Jazz Blues
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0:00 – Intro
In this lesson, Ayla Tesler-Mabe goes through the ten different levels of playing a twelve-bar blues song on guitar.

1:44 – Level 1
The simplest approach in playing a twelve-bar blues as you’re only switching between three open dominant chords.

5:17 – Level 2
Replace the open chords with their bar chord predecessors to get different voicings.

8:33 – Level 3
End the progression with an augmented chord to get a cool transition into the beginning of the song.

11:37 – Level 4
Shake things up again by changing the way you play the dominant chords in the song’s chord progression.

14:10 – Level 5
Add a diminished chord to the mix to which Ayla describes as a “classic blues move.”

16:32 – Level 6
Halfway through and we’re getting jazzy! Add a new interval that will bring more sophistication to your guitar sound.

20:44 – Level 7
Throw in a turnaround in the chord progression to get another cool transition into restarting the song.

22:46 – Level 8
Replace your dominant chords with a tritone substitution. PS – this level is easier to play than the previous level…your fingers will thank you!

27:38 – Level 9
Incorporate different tritone substitutions and re-harmonizations to the song.

31:14 – Level 10
Just play guitar but really FEEL what you’re playing!

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