Beginner Guitar Lesson with Sammi and Tomo Fujita

So great to see many of you sharing your experiences and thoughts on LEFTY guitarists and BEGINNER lessons.

This video is Sammi’s first official guitar lesson with me. We didn’t prepare anything before making this video so everything you see is REAL!

Hope you enjoy this lesson. Please comment below. Thank you!

Introduction (00:00)
First advice for teaching your own kids (00:48)
About Guitar Parts / Names (02:35)
Tuning is not important at beginning (03:50)
About Good Posture advice (04:50)
Twinkle Lesson Review (05:20)
Major Scale / 1st String (06:20)
Fingering technique / Chromatic Scale (07:35)
First Chord / E minor (08:40)
Introducing Guitar Picks (09:45)
Picking & Strumming Technique (10:40)
Back to Chromatic exercise (13:55)
About the dots (15:05)
Sustain each notes (15:50)
Revealing her secret! (16:20)
Reviewing E minor chord (18:05)
Small Note Book & Attendace records (18:25)
My little teaching secret (19:15)
2nd String / C Major Scale / About 1/2 Step (20:30)
Typical Bad Example (22:30)
Important advice on teaching first lesson (24:10)
About using Dynamics & Accent (24:40)
Creativity & Imagination (25:10)
Spiderman Chord! (26:00)
Review all materials (26:30)
Switching Hard to Soft Teaching (28:45)
I feel nervous to teach a new student (29:30)
I can play a guitar with a pen! (31:05)

Sammi plays a Cort the SFX-ME
Tomo plays a Cort the Gold-A6


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