Emotional Sad Chords On Guitar (In e minor – EASY TO PLAY 2 finger chords!)

These emotional acoustic guitar chords are easy to play because they only ever require 2 fingers and there are only 2 chord shapes to remember! These beautiful open guitar chords are in the key of e minor

Compound 3rd Chords in e minor sound hauntingly emotional. This is lesson 2 of a mini course of 4 lessons that all tie together

*Beautiful Happy Compound 3rd Chords In E Major On Guitar – https://youtu.be/FQTFO15-XgM
*E Guitar Chord Variations (Use This Shape And Make Music Today) – https://youtu.be/HIybraklGH0
* Top 3 GUITAR CHORDS (C F and G Major chords on Guitar) – https://youtu.be/cGyc-VrgH1w

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