Read Sheet Music in 7 MINUTES! (guitar)

Reading sheet music is often one of the biggest challenges beginner guitarists, and advanced guitarists, face when learning. Or they just skip it all together.

This video makes reading sheet music simple. It’s approached as a guitarist for guitarists, but is applicable for all musicians using a treble clef. It’s a fun, simple, animated approach that will make you able to read sheet music comfortably in just 7 minutes. What else can you do in 7 minutes? Shower? I think I’ll pass.

I’d recommend this to guitar players of all levels, from absolutely beginners to the greatest legends, specifically Paul McCartney. Who appears in this video. Thanks Paul. Or anyone who’s interested in music theory.

This lesson focuses on the how standard notation accompanies guitar tab, rhythm, melody, practice tips and more!

Thanks to Matt Colbo for helping getting Paul onboard for this one:

Enjoy 🙂


Read Sheet Music in 7 MINUTES! (guitar):

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