How To Sound Like Jazz – It Is All Phrasing

Jazz Blues
You want to learn Jazz, and everybody is saying: Learn Bebop scales and altered chords, upper-structure triad pairs. All these fancy things, and you can do great things with that, but in the end, it is not that which makes it sound like jazz. It is Jazz phrasing, it is how you play it.

In this video, I am going to go over some examples of fairly simple things that do sound like Jazz and talk about how you start sounding like that what to work and what to practice,

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How To Sound Like Jazz – It Is All Phrasing

0:00 Intro – Notes vs Phrasing
0:43 Simple examples no chromaticism or hip scales
1:02 Example 1 – Dynamics and articulation
2:00 Example 1 without phrasing
2:21 Analysis – Legato
3:34 The Most important rule for bop phrasing
4:13 Example 2
4:29 Analysis
4:45 Getting into you playing – Learning Phrasing
5:19 Bebop Themes
5:52 Au Privave analysis
6:28 Learn to play it with a (good) recording
6:49 Transcribing – Learning Solos by Ear
7:19 How I learned by checking out solos
8:14 What solos have you checked out?
8:37 The most effective tool to understand your own phrasing
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The videos are mostly jazz guitar lessons, but also music theory, analysis of songs and videos on jazz guitars.

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