[Block Chord Guitar Tutorial] – How To Play Advanced Chords

In this video, I am going to show you the next level of chords that come after open and bar forms known as block chords.

Block chords are a great chord form that allow you to play the main chord types all over the fretboard of your guitar. They are advanced sounding chords, but not so hard to play when learned in the correct way.

In this lesson, I show you the block chord form as a dominant chord.

You will learn the 4 main shapes for the dominant 7th block chord up and down your fretboard before connecting these shapes together to create some cool sounding chord vamps in the style of guitar greats such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Joe Pass.

You also learn the very best ways to train the block chord form into your own playing so you can use it with ease.

You will learn how to train the block by shape and by position. Combined, these two training methods will allow you to access the block chord form all over the fretboard.

Finally, we will put everything together to create a blues in E using the block chord shapes you have learned. I will show you how to sound full and complete doing this on one guitar, with many variations at your fingertips thanks to the block chord form.

Learn more ways to visualise, play, and create with Block Chords on your guitar with this free ebook/audio: https://acousticguitarlessonsonline.net/how-to-play-jazz-chord-shapes-on-acoustic-guitar

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