Guitar Triads for Beginners – The BEST way to learn Triads

In this week’s guitar lesson we’ll be looking at guitar triads for beginners and I’ll share with you what I think is the best way to learn triads on guitar. The easiest way to see and play triads on guitar is to relate them to bigger, barre chord forms. The E-shape, A-shape and C-shape (under the CAGED approach) give you the visualisation to find triads all over the guitar fretboard.

The other key to the triad visualisation is octave shapes. The barre chords don’t quite contain all of the triad forms so it requires you to source the missing interval. Perhaps the most efficient way of doing so it to drop the highest note down one octave.

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Hey! I’m Ry Naylor, a British-born guitar instructor and professional transcriber based in the south of France.

You’ll find loads of song lessons in my archives, but my focus more recently has been to share my passion for the benefits of guitar music theory when learning guitar in a fun, visual and accessible way. You will find more instructional content on my Instagram and Pinterest pages. If you like what I do please help support my work on Patreon or check out my premium guitar video courses and PDF eBooks in my online shop 🙏🏻


0:00 Intro
1:07 Close Voicing Triad
1:33 Triad Inversions
2:00 Chord Voicing
2:32 Triad String Sets
3:10 Playing Triad Inversions
3:50 A-Shape Barre
4:11 A-Shape into G-Shape
4:46 E-Shape Barre
5:00 E-Shape Inversions
5:21 C-Shape Barre
5:43 C-Shape Inversions
6:04 Barre Chords are the Secret!
6:17 Minor Triad
6:24 Am-Shape Barre
6:38 Am-Shape Inversions
6:53 Em-Shape Barre
7:06 Em-Shape Inversions
7:18 Cm-Shape Barre
7:33 Cm-Shape Inversions
7:43 Linking Major and Minor Triads
8:18 Practice Ideas
8:32 Working with a Chord Progression
8:52 Triad Improvisation
9:55 Find out More
10:07 Fretboard Mastery
10:13 Patreon Group

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