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When it comes to addressing the practice routine of; keys, scales, harmony, chords, licks, and riffs, a guitarists common thought process is to attack each of these topics separately, one by one, by placing more time, focus and energy on the weakest ones in their repertoire.

However, most practicing musicians will often overlook the fact that all of these topics can operate as a “group” and be practiced as a whole unit of study. This lesson will explore how to establish a simple three-step exercise that can hit all of these practice topics.

The exercise covered in this lesson is based upon first selecting a key, then establishing a small scale layout for that key in one set region of the neck. All at the same time, the practice routine for this lesson can develop a lot of skill across all of these topics by phrasing short melodies and then layering a couple of simple chord concepts upon them.

Throughout the day (while working on other guitar topics), players can come back to this exercise multiple times. In as little as five minutes the student can bring together more ideas surrounding each phrasing element. The end-goal of this exercise is to address a highly effective and efficient routine that can blend together all of these skill areas.

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