Which Bass You Should Be Playing – Bass Tier List 2021

In this tierlist we look at all the basses that work across the musicial genres and gigs. We also rate the worst performing basses that will leave you wanting a whole lot more.

The four axis being used to measure these basses are;
Aesthetics – How does it look and play?
Electronics / Sound – How does it sound?
Price – Does the price reflect the overall package?
Versatility – How does it work against all musical genres


WhichBass – Tierlist bass demos/reviews

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00:00 Rules of the tierlist
01:38 Hofner 500/1 Bass
02:49 Fender American Professional II Precision Bass
04:38 Squier Bronco Bass
05:22 Fender Made In Mexico Jazz Bass
06:02 Fender American Ultra Jazz Bass
06:54 Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass
08:08 Gibson Thunderbird USA
09:08 Gibson SG Standard Bass
10:00 Gibson Ripper Bass
10:59 Ibanez GSR205 / SR1825 Bass
12:20 Ibanez ATK 305 Bass
14:00 Yamaha BB2024 Bass
14:54 Lakland 5501 Skyline Series Bass
16:14 Music Man StingRay Special
17:20 Sterling By Music Man Stingray Short Scale Bass
17:54 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass
18:50 Warwick Streamer Stage One Bass
19:36 Wal Mark II Custom 5
20:48 Spector Euro4 LT Bass
22:04 Peavey T-40 Bass
23:29 Dingwall Combustion Bass
24:35 The final tier list.

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