The ONLY First Guitar Lesson You NEED To See – Beginner Guitar Lesson – Adult Guitar Lessons

The ONLY First Guitar Lesson You NEED To See – Beginner Guitar Lesson – Adult Guitar Lessons.

This video is the first guitar lesson for absolute beginners on guitar. Even if you’ve been jumping around YouTube for a while, you might
find some helpful tips in this video tutorial. Most first guitar lessons on YouTube start you too far along in the process. The goal of
your first guitar lesson is to build confidence and give you a solid foundation.

That’s why in my first guitar lessons for absolute beginners I show you exactly what I teach most of my students in their first guitar lessons with me. 1. How to move through the strings 2. How to learn the frets 3. How to builds chords and 4. How to put them together and strum them to start learning songs fast.

You will be learning about the left hand, the right hand, chords, strumming and so much more.

After my first guitar lesson for absolute beginners, you will have the tools needed to learn hundreds of songs. Some of those songs can be found on my website at:

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