Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Guitar Lesson – John Mayer

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In this Slow Dancing In A Burning Room guitar lesson video, I will demonstrate how to play all of this John Mayer classic from the amazing opening riff, to the chords and the main solo.

The tuning is standard tuning.

There is some great understated guitar playing on this one. To get the main riff that is heard at the beginning of the song just right, you will need to use some pretty delicate muting and vibrato.

During the verse, pre-chorus and chorus section, John Mayer uses a lot of thumb chords. This can be challenging for many people to do, especially with smaller hands. However, it is pretty essential to the sound since Mayer plays a lot of Hendrix style chord embellishments throughout, and you can’t really perform those with normal barre chord fingerings.

The solo has sort of a laid back vibe, yet is still challenging. He throws a couple of quick licks in there and also towards the end has a very challenging series of quick slides using double-stops.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this unique guitar challenge! #slowdancinginaburningroomguitarlesson #johnmayer #guitarcovers


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