Bass Guitar For Beginners What Bassists Should Know

In this video I give the fundamental knowledge that bassists should know… notes, triads, chord progressions, the relationship with bass and guitar, etc.
Be sure to check out lessons 2 through 6 too:
Bass Lesson 6:
Bass lesson 5:
Bass lesson 4:
Bass lesson 3:
Bass lesson 2:

This is the equivalent of the old band tip jar:

Important pieces of beginner gear to have is a tuner and metronome. Here’s a tuner and metronome all in one by Boss:
Check out the Zoom drum machine from the Zoom store on Amazon:

If interested in taking private online lessons with me, watch this video: or visit me at:

Chapters to this lesson:
Notes 1:15
Half Step/Whole Step- 2:00
Laying Out Notes On Neck- 3:42
Tuning- 8:00
C Major Scale- 10:20
Bass Play Along- 11:30
Chords In C Major- 11:55
Triads- 14:22
1-4-5- 17:00
Bass Play Along- 19:45
Guitar Play Along- 21:00
1-5-6-4- 22:00
Bass Play Along- 24:58
Guitar Play Along- 25:48
1-6-4-5- 27:07
Bass Play Along- 28:45
Guitar Play Along- 29:18

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