The Beatles – And I Love Her Guitar Lesson – Acoustic

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In this video guitar lesson we will take a in depth look at how to play “And I Love Her” by The Beatles.

Written primarily by Paul McCartney and recorded in 1964, it is considered by many to be one of The Beatles’ finest early career compositions.

In this And I Love Her guitar lesson I will demonstrate how to play all of the chord progressions, guitar solo and overdubs.

The song generally spends most of it’s time going back and forth between the key of E major and it’s relative minor key of C# minor. However, we do have a quick key change to F major just as the guitar solo begins, and the song remains in that key until the very last chord of the song, where a D major chord is employed in place of the D minor chord that would be the relative minor key of F major. This technique is called a picardy third resolution.

Now that we have that bit of music theory out of the way, we can talk about the technical demands of the song. As with most songs by The Beatles, “And I Love Her” uses a lot of barre chords throughout the entire song. If you have trouble playing barre chords comfortably (especially on the acoustic guitar), I suggest working on them a bit before tackling this video lesson. Or perhaps you can use this lesson to help you develop a solid barre chord technique while learning a great song at the same time. Either way, just be prepared for a lot of barre chords.

Besides all the chord progressions that support the beautiful vocal melody, we have the addition of some really nice guitar overdubs and a gorgeous guitar solo. In this And I Love Her guitar lesson video I will be teaching all of those as well.

The guitar solo does a nice job of following the main vocal melody while conjuring up a Spanish feel at the same time. George Harrison always had a knack for creating guitar solos that perfectly complimented the song.

Perhaps George Harrison’s largest contribution to “And I Love Her” is the guitar melody played at the beginning and end of the song. That simple melody played on a Ramirez nylon string classical guitar really adds a lot to the song.

So even though “And I Love Her” is a relatively easy song to play, the liberal use of barre chords make it an upper beginner to intermediate level song. Don’t let those classifications stop you though if you really want to learn this gorgeous Beatles ballad, but don’t feel that you have the ability level yet. There is nothing like a little bit of musical inspiration to get you learning faster on the guitar. 🙂


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