Shell Voicing System | Intermediate Guitar Lesson

A shell voicing is a type of 3-note chord that includes only the most essential notes. This lesson lays out a straightforward system of shell voicings that are easy to play and sound great in jazz and blues. After you learn how these chords relate to each other, you’ll have a set of chords that you can play all over the fretboard.

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Three-Note Jazz Guitar Chords (Video)

Free downloads, including the Shell Voicings PDF and the Learning the Fretboard PDF:

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Melody Guitar Book 1
Melody Guitar Book 2
Melody Guitar Book 3
Melody Guitar Book 4
Rhythm Guitar Book 1
Rhythm Guitar Book 2
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First Moveable Guitar Chords
Three-Note Jazz Guitar Chords


Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
0:29 A Touch of Theory
2:33 Essential Notes
3:13 Fretboard Labels
4:34 5th String Major 3rd Shell Voicings
6:57 5th String Minor 3rd Shell Voicings
9:42 6th String Major 3rd Shell Voicings
11:45 6th String Minor 3rd Shell Voicings
13:58 Root Notes
14:46 Videos, Books, and Freebies

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