STEP-BY-STEP Strumming & Intro | California Dreamin Guitar Lesson

California Dreamin Guitar Lesson – Learn how to strum and pick the intro just like the Mamas and the Papas! ✅ Check out Lauren’s Guitar Strumming course: – In this California Dreamin guitar lesson by The Mama and The Papas, I will show you how to strum a long to the different sections of the song. The most difficult part about this song is singing and playing because the vocal harmonies make it a little awkward to do alone. Needless to say, pick which part you want to follow and go for it. I will also show you how to play the fun little California Dreamin intro on the guitar as well. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

🔴 Follow along with my Californi Dreamin guitar lesson notes:

⏱ California Dreamin Guitar Tutorial Chapters: ⏱

0:00 – California Dreamin Chords & Intro
1:38 – California Dreamin Strumming Pattern
2:54 – First Measure Playthrough
3:16 – Strumming Practice Tip
3:51 – Verse Playthrough
5:40 – Quick Solo Section
6:17 – Picking Intro (First Phrase)
7:58 – Picking Intro (Second Phrase)
8:48 – Alternative Measure
10:03 – Picking Intro (Last Phrase)
10:35 – California Dreamin Intro Playthrough

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Lauren 🙂

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