My One Year Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Progress (SELF-TAUGHT using YOUTUBE)

Due to copyright infringement issues I have temporarily had to mute two sections where I play ‘Blackbird’. Please bare with me while I resolve this issue.

If you’re new to this channel then I’m Hatty. In October 2020, I picked up the guitar for the first time, and I have enjoyed every single day of it. I’ve played other instruments in the past, but with the guitar, it’s become a passion that I know will last a lifetime.

In this video I will share with you my guitar journey, which takes me from playing chords, to fingerstyle, and to arranging my own songs.

I have never taken any lessons, and I have learnt everything I know from YouTube and free tabs online, so here’s proof that you don’t need to have lessons to progress at an instrument!

I hope you find that this journey is interesting and maybe it even motivates you to pick up your instrument again.

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Thank you so much for watching and see you next time! 🙂

A huge thank you to some of my favourite channels who taught me guitar:

GuitarZero2Hero –
FingerstyleClub –
Kenneth Acoustic –
Let’s Play Guitar! –
Six String Fingerpicking –
Everything Guitar –
Paul Davids –

If you want to start your guitar journey then these are some awesome channels to use! I also of course rely heavily on Ultimate Guitar Tabs!

0:00 Intro
0:20 1st month
0:57 2nd month
1:10 3rd month
2:15 4th month
3:08 5th month
4:40 6th month
4:58 7th month
5:50 8th month
7:47 9th month
8:08 10th month
9:24 11th month
10:36 12th month & Outro

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