Old School Mississippi Blues Guitar – Hill Country & Delta Blues Styles

Jazz Blues
Most Blues fans have heard of Delta Blues, which originated in the fields of the Delta, along the length of the Mississippi River, but the Northern Hill Country region is home to the rhythmic, trance-like groove of Hill Country Blues. Kick back and take a trip with me through both.
This new Gold-A6 Bocote model from @Cort Guitars and Basses nailed the vibe of both:

00:00 – Mississippi Hill Country Blues
06:03 – Mississippi Delta Blues

• Hill Country Blues – Standard Tuning Down a Whole Step D-G-C-F-A-D
• Delta Blues – Open G Tuning D-G-D-G-B-D

• @Cort Guitars and Basses Gold-A6 Bocote: https://www.cortguitars.com/product/item.php?ca_id=1020d0&it_id=1640574353&page=1&lanOk=eng
• @Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide: https://www.justinjohnsonstore.com

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