BOSS KATANA 100 2×12 Combo Amplifier Review

Check out the BOSS KATANA 100 2×12 Combo here

Katana adopts the name of the traditional sword carried by the historic samurai of Japan— a symbol of honour, precision, and artistry in Japanese culture, and carries that name with great pride. These aspects are represented accurately within the Katana range of amplifiers providing guitarists with smooth, cutting tones which are the result of meticulous design through the pursuit of that perfect rock tone. The Katana 100/212 is a gig ready amplifier that features 2 x 12-inch speakers which have been custom designed by the geniuses behind Waza, as well as a host of effects and tonal capabilities that can be explored at all volumes. The Katana 100/212 is the perfect touring and recording amp for the discerning musician.

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