Bassist Answers Google’s Top Bass VS Guitar Questions

Can guitarists play bass? Which one should you play? Here’s the lowdown on 10 of Google’s top bass vs. guitar questions.

Spotify playlist of recognizable bass lines:

The internet is very confused about the bass guitar… now at least you won’t be.

But won’t a bassist be biased when answering bass VS guitar questions?
Well, yeah a little, BUT I’ll bring in my close friend Guitar Josh for an ‘outside’ perspective, plus some questionable guitar slapping. We’ll answer the questions:
– Is bass the same as guitar?
– Is bass easier than guitar?
– Should I learn guitar or bass first?
– Can guitarists play bass?
– Can a guitar be used as a bass?
– Do bassists use chords like guitarists?
– Do bassists use capos like guitarists?
– Why is it harder to hear bass than guitar?
– Should I play bass or guitar?

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