OG Intermediate Guitar Lesson: Learn 72 Barre Chords in 8 minutes!

This is an intermediate Guitar class on barre chords. I hate chord dictionaries. Why? There’s over 4000 chords to learn on guitar – why learn them one at a time? Put down your chord dictionary and learn how to find chords all over the neck of the guitar, all by yourself! This video shows us how too apply Barre Chord shapes with their roots on E string or A string so we can learn chords much faster – 72 chord options total.

How old is this lesson? I reference FIREFOX in this video LOL

Notes on the E string:

Fret Note
0 E
1 F
3 G
5 A
7 B
8 C
10 D

Notes on the A string:

Fret Note
0 A
2 B
3 C
5 D
7 E
8 F
10 G

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