This Jazz Blues Solo is Perfect And Nobody Is Talking About It

Jazz Blues
Joe Pass is one of the most influential Jazz guitarists, and this amazing Jazz Blues solo is completely overlooked and can teach us so much about Jazz Blues and playing Jazz on guitar.

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00:00 Intro
00:45 Rubato Blues
01:43 Setting up the tempo
02:08 Floating Blues
02:33 Bebop for Contrast
03:02 Joe’s Blues & The Album
04:58 The Sound – Archtop and Polytone?
06:12 Harmonizing Blues Licks With Jazz Chords
09:22 Going Against The Groove
10:06 Heroes of the rhythm section
10:27 Jazz Guitar Has NO Dynamics
11:22 Julian Lage Trio is The Same
11:44 Chord Solo Groove Trick
12:21 Another great guitarist to learn from
12:28 3 Reasons Wes Montgomery Is Amazing And Worth Checking Out
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